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October 2007

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October 2007

Saint Brigid

Our new Runner, Saint Brigid, settled in at Diamond D nicely, and she spent the month in a paddock with another filly from the Keeneland Sale.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

It’s good to “turn out” a horse coming from the Sale because they’ve been cooped up in a stall for months on end by their consignors, and letting the horse roam around the open pasture in the fresh air is good for its mind, body, and soul.  These two gals have been nice companions biding their time before they start their initial schooling in November.

Named for the Patroness Saint of Kildare Ireland, Saint Brigid is a lovely horse with a classy disposition—much like her namesake.  According to All Saints Parish, “A woman of wisdom and common sense, Brigid's genius for leadership and organization is widely recognized.  She established schools, sets sisters to work making vestments, and organized the episcopal government of her city.  After some years in charge at Kildare, she became the most significant religious leader in the Liffey plain.  Bishops, priests, chieftains, and kings frequently sought her counsel.  More than anything else, however, Brigid is renowned for her hospitality.  The poor and the infirm came in their multitudes.  She made provisions for the sick, tending to them with her knowledge of contemporary medicine.  As such, Kildare becomes a place of holy pilgrimage for all, from the prominent and powerful to the lowly and forgotten.”

Not In My Court

Courtney is moving along nicely with her training, and we’re looking forward to entering our Lil’ Debutante in a race at Churchill Downs some time in November.  She’s a quick little horse with an impressive turn of foot.

Our Trainer says Court is much like a dirt bike buzzing across the track.  That said, she’s quite particular about being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do, and her stamina is a bit suspect at this time.  As such, while John’s working on Courtney’s conditioning, he’s also be catering to her confidence up and keeping her relaxed at the same time.

Hollywood Pegasus

Woodrow’s training regimen had to be temporarily postponed just a bit because we gelded him.  The Man was starting to get too big for his own good, and our Trainer was concerned that the horse’s upper body mass (through his head and shoulder) would get bigger throughout his training and eventually become detrimental to his longevity.

Woody handled the procedure well; and once he has recovered, he’ll be back in training.


Mojo pics and video from the Fall Meet at Keeneland:

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

Shadwell Turf Mile Video Clip - Race Start

Shadwell Turf Mile Video Clip - Race Finish

Ashford Stud

Mojo pics and video from Coolmore’s Ashford Stud farm in Versailles, Kentucky:

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

Giant's Causeway Video Clip

Chapel Royal Video Clip