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March 2007

  • Woody's Birthday
  • TX 2YO Sale Plans
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Woody's Birthday Pics

March 17, 2007

Even though all Thoroughbreds turn a year older on January 1, HP's Birthday is actually on March 16.

In honor of the occasion, the fam and I spent yesterday afternoon at Diamond D to celebrate Woody's Second Birthday!  The weather was picture perfect (warm sunshine and clear blue skies), and as always, HP was in great spirits.  He looks good - happy, healthy, and full of energy.  Our Mojo Event Planner, Angela (a.k.a. "Sugars"), baked some delicious cookies honoring HP that she decorated in our Mojo colors.  And the kiddos brought carrots and peppermints, which HP seemed to enjoy very much. 

On behalf of all Mojo Partners, we passed along to our Runner the very best birthday wishes! 
Of course, Julie and I are very impressed with the Mojo Man's stature; and like all Partners, we're looking forward to the day when he'll be standing in the paddock with his tack and saddle cloth waiting for the call: "Riders up!"  Later this summer, he'll resume his workouts and gate training as we get him ready for Fall racing.  Meanwhile, as Julie says, now that Woody's in his own paddock, it's really the perfect opportunity to visit the lad because you can get up close and actually interact with him.  You truly get the full benefit of his playful personality as he roams around in his open space.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Happy Birthday Woody!

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor

Texas Two-Year-Olds In Training Sale Plans

March 8, 2007

The Texas Two-Year-Olds In Training is right around the corner (April 3); and of course, like I did for the Keeneland Sale last September, I'm getting my list of "contenders" ready to go.  There are 355 2YO's cataloged - all of which are eligible for the 2007 TTA Sales Futurity to be run at Lone Star Park on Saturday, July 7.  This time around, I'm specifically looking to find a filly, and I've put a "dog ear" on 31 pages of the catalog - 17 Texas bred runners and the other 14 Kentucky, Louisiana, or Florida breds.  You can view the entire catalog online by clicking:  2007 Fasig-Tipton TX 2YO In Training 

Many are asking about the next Mojo Offering, and interested in the respective details.  I have posted a "Current Offerings" link/page on the Mojo Site homepage to let folks know the immediate gameplan.

I'm going to buy a two-year-old in training 
at the Fasig-Tipton Sale on April 3 at Lone Star Park.  For 10% ownership, I will offer initial Investments for $500 plus the Owner's percentage of the first month's average training expense (an additional $186).  So, for $686, a person can become a Mojo Partner.  All of the other Mojo Terms remain the same as spelled out on the Mojo Site.
I'll be looking for a sound individual with a descent catalog page - basically, another "diamond in the rough" (like Woody) that Bret can place his Midas Touch on during the Spring/Summer Meet.

I also plan to carry forth the same business model this Fall, and buy another Yearling at the Keeneland September Sale.  The Initial Investment will likely be offered at the same price as we did for Hollywood Pegasus - $1,500 p/Partner for a 5% share.  There are also folks already interested in this venture too.

The Mojo philosophy is to offer a collective "value buy" in order to reduce the amount of financial risk associated with the overall Investment.  Buying a young, unproven racehorse places the Owners in a position of risk.  That's why an affordable Runner with a good pedigree allows for a better opportunity to have a positive return on Investment.  Knowing that Mojo Partners don't have to "break the bank" to experience the thrill of Ownership is one of the appealing aspects that makes Mojo great!