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June 2006

  • Mojo Closes the Books
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Mojo Closes the Books
Second Partnership Considered

June 7, 2006

Our Partnership has come together quite nicely, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who expressed an interest in Mojo Racing Partners; continue to take the time to share with me your thoughts and questions; and to those who were willing and able to submit your Subscription Agreements and Capital Investments. The last few weeks of our Mojo Partnership Campaign went flying by like the final furlong of a turf race; and from the World Wide Mojo Headquarters, I am pleased to announce that Mojo Racing Partners is closing the books with a full compliment of 20 Investors.

As I’ve mentioned recently (and I think it’s worth repeating), the primary purpose of our Partnership is to celebrate every aspect of thoroughbred racehorse ownership - from the farm to the track, and all points in between - without depleting your life's savings trying to do it. The current list of Mojo Investors is made up of folks who have never owned a horse (but have always wanted to), as well as sole owners that can't wait to greet our Runner in the winner's circle - or at least have a lot of fun trying!

According to the Terms of the Mojo Partnerships (you know, the stuffy legal document that nobody really reads–entirely), Section 3 - Definitions says: No more than 20 Partners will be accepted. Well, based on popular demand, a second Mojo Group is being considered. To do so will require amending the Terms of the Partnership (more CYA), as well as securing the minimum number of Investments (10) to form Mojo Group 1A. So, let your friends and associates know that there may be another opportunity to join the Mojo Racing Partners. Folks who are interested in joining Group 1A are welcome to contact me directly.

What’s next? It’s time to celebrate! With the help of our Mojo Event Planner, friends, and associates, preparations are being made to host the first Mojo Mixer. I’m really looking forward to getting everyone together meet, drink, and be Mojo merry! We’re still working out the “when” and “where,” so stay tuned for additional updates coming soon.

Here’s to you - we’ve got our Mojo workin’!
The Mojo Way

June 4, 2006

Recently, I’ve been asked about what Mojo means and why it’s the name of our Partnership. I’m personally fascinated by the way our namesake seemingly summons all kinds of mental images. What’s even more alluring to me is that the more familiar one becomes with the Partnership, the more Mojo just seems to make sense.

What’s in a name?

The word Mojo entered the English Language during the 19th Century. In the Caribbean, Mojo is a supernatural power used for such things as protecting one from evil or crossed conditions, drawing love, or bringing good luck or success in gambling and other money matters. In the United States, the word Mojo has taken on similar connotations, and is often chronicled by reggae, blues, and rock musicians for the sexual prowess some good Mojo will bring you. The most celebrated reference being by Muddy Waters in his jumping song “Got My Mojo Workin”.

Why name a horse racing partnership Mojo?

Because it’s a perfect fit for us. The thoroughbred horse business isn’t easy, and one can get bummed out in a split second by the cold hand of racing reality. As such, the spirit of this group rests in our collective intellect, attitude, and will of all Partners. Of course, if I have to have hang horse shoes over my door, put hoodoo ashes under my bed, and bury dimes in my flower garden then that’s what I’m gonna do to conjure up as much luck, protection, and love as we possibly can to keep the good times rolling.

Celebrating Mojo

I want to give the people what they want, and doing everything I can to make your experience as enjoyable as possible is the most important matter on my mind. I’ll admit, the Mojo concept is a rather unorthodox method to break into the sport of kings; but if we be ourselves, have a lot of fun, and celebrate the Hell out of everything we do, then the only reason to sing the blues will be when we have Jimmy Rogers belting out “Trouble No More” from our car stereos on the way to the track. Our name and the color of our silks are reflections of a culture that represents the freedom to participate; to enjoy each other's company; and to have fun at all levels. Mix in a little TLC, and I think we have a good formula for success.

So, when you’re down on your luck,
And you don’t know what to do,
Call up your Mojo man,
To get to work for you.