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June 2007

  • Courtney Update
  • Mojo Mixer 2
  • Courtney's 1st Breeze @ LS
  • Courtney @ LS
  • Mixer 2 Preview
Current Events
Courtney Update

June 30, 2007

With all of the rain in the Metroplex this week (really the entire month), our Gal’s training schedule was pushed back a couple of days.  Although she’s not setting the track on fire during her timed workouts (see table below), Courtney is showing improvement every time she breezes.

June 7             4 furlongs                                :51.2

June 14           5 furlongs (from the gate)       1:04.1

June 22           5 furlongs (from the gate)       1:03.2

June 30           5 furlongs                                1:02.6

Though she was sent from the gate during her second and third breezes, today she ran by herself from the five-eighths pole.  She worked five furlongs in 1:02.60, and you can see her coming down stretch by watching her breeze on Courtney's Page.

The interesting thing about this Filly is that she has the sweetest disposition in the barn; but on the track, she’s pretty stubborn.  She got rank both times when loaded into the gate, and this morning she showed a little attitude (by swishing her tail and holding back) when the rider called on her to do more.  The good news is, she's sound and in fine shape.  So, we're going to continue to take our time with her, and hope that she'll learn to behave herself when called on to run.  

If all goes well, Courtney will enter her first race sometime in July.

Second Annual Mojo Mixer!

June 9, 2007

Mojo Racing Partners kicked off our Second Annual Mojo Mixer at Lone Star Park this weekend!  Thanks to the generous hospitality of Mojo Partner Lisa Anderson and her parents, Curtis and Nancy, we had the distinct privilege to be invited to hold our soul-shakedown party in the fifth-floor suites.

Not ones to miss any opportunity to have fun, we took advantage of the Anderson's much-appreciated offer for an exciting afternoon of racing on Belmont Stakes Day.  In addition to enjoying each other's great company, we cashed lots of tickets and most assuredly put a dent in the spirits behind the bar!

After the last runner crossed the wire, several Partners swung by the backside to give Courtney our Mojo Greetings and a little TLC too.  Capturing the Mojo Moment, several pics of the festivities have been posted below for you to enjoy. 

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Julie Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

Courtney's First Breeze at Lone Star Park

June 7, 2007

In her first “official” time out, Courtney worked four furlongs in a nice-and-easy :51.2 seconds.  Jockey Ramsey Zimmerman (who leads the standings for all riders at the current Lone Star Meet) took our Gal around the track and had this to say when he returned to the barn, “She broke a bit slow; but she kept her mind on her business and I had a lot of horse left when I crossed the wire.”  

Most importantly, she came back to the barn relaxed, injury free, and eating well.  This is her first time to breeze over this track while in training with company, and she still needs to figure out the routine.  Right now, she's exactly where we want her to be.  Though her time was a bit “casual,” we have to keep in mind that she was bred for distance and the speed will come with more conditioning and experience.

Courtney gallops every day and breezes once a week.  She should have three or four good official works in before making her debut.  Until then, enjoy the pics (below) of her first time out, and you can watch video clips by clicking on Courtney’s Page.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

Courtney Arrives at Lone Star Park

June 2, 2007

Courtney arrived at Lone Star Park on Thursday, May 31 - she traveled well and is comfortably situated; settled nicely; and doesn’t seem to be having trouble getting acclimated to her new surroundings in Bret's designated barn.  In addtion to having a clean bill of health, the comments on her Shipping Report state:  "This Filly is easy to get along with; no problems identified; and has no bad habits."

Below are several pics taken during our visit to the Lone Star backside this afternoon. 

The latest video of of our Filly in her stall has been posted.  Click Courtney's Page to watch the clips.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by VaNessa Valentine Nixon Photo by Fred Taylor

Bret seems to think that our Filly will need a few weeks to improve her stamina via track conditioning.  If all goes well, it’s likely that Courtney will race sometime toward the end of June.  She'll be entered in a maiden race, and not placed in a "claimer."

On an interesting note:  Just as we did for Woody, Vanessa ordered a figurine of St. Francis (The Patron Saint of Animals) for Courtney’s stall at Lone Star Park.  When the package arrived, it contained the figurine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the apparition that appears upon the delivery of a bouquet of roses as proof that there is relief from illness and misfortunes).  This would seem to be a positive sign, and as such, this figurine was welcomed and another of St. Francis was ordered.

The Second Mojo Mixer Preview

June 1, 2007

The plans are set for our second Mojo Mixer to be held on Saturday, June 9, at Lone Star Park.  We’re going to have a fun-filled afternoon of racing from the Fifth Floor Suites as we get our Mojo Workin’ on Belmont Stakes Day!

Of course, we’ll take lots of photos and video that I’ll post on the Mojo Site for those who are unable to attend.