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July 2008

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July 2008

Hollywood Pegasus
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Julie Taylor

The Man is coming along nicely.  He feels good; looks great; is training very well; and there are no issues with his lungs.  Our Trainer reports, “He’s doing everything right; and we’ll see if the hyperbaric treatment worked once I put him to the test.” 

If Hollywood continues to do well, and there aren’t any problems with his lungs, then we’re going to try to get him in a turf race at Arlington Park (AP)—probably early August depending on how the condition book lines up.

Click the link below to view the video clip.

HP's Latest Workout

Saint Brigid

Photo by Susan Adzick Photo by John Good
Photo by John Good Photo by John Good

Our Patroness is doing great.  In fact, she was shipped to AP to get familiar with the surroundings in Chicago.  Bred for the grass, she takes to the Polytrack easily and controls the work each time out over the synthetic surface.  Our Trainer says, “I want to give her a couple of works over the AP Poly and then from the gate.  Once I know what she’s made of, I’ll look for a race that we can build on for her first time out.”

There are still shares available in this Filly.  If you are interested in becoming a Partner in Saint Brigid, you only have a few weeks left to do so—once SB springs from the gate in her first race, the Mojo books will be closed.

Click the link below to view video clip.

SB Gallops at HighPointe