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July 2006

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Call Anytime

July 30, 2006

In the Mojo Spirit of giving the people what they want, it’s important to me to make sure y’all are comfortable with asking me questions about the Partnership.  (Heck you’re welcome to ask me any kind of question on any subject, and if I don’t know the answer immediately, I’ll try to find it!)

We’re going to be covering a lot of territory in the upcoming months, and each of us will most likely come across some kind of uncharted area that will hopefully wet your appetite for more information. I want all Partners to feel like he or she is well informed. Our strength rests within our available resources and collective numbers, which will keep our Mojo workin’ and capitalize on that advantage. As such, I want you to know that you can call on me anytime you like.

I hope you’re having a relaxing summer, and are just as excited as I am about the upcoming Keeneland Sale. (I’ll be sending more information about that in near future.)

Mojo Partners Spend the Night Together

July 22, 2006

Mojo Racing Partners and Friends celebrated the last night of live Thoroughbred racing action for the 2006 Spring/Summer Meet at Lone Star Park on July 21.

Race Day Preview

Just about two dozen folks joined Mojo Racing Partners for some “horsing around” on Friday night. Though the previous Mojo Mixer was organized so the Partners would have an opportunity to meet one another and talk the Partnership’s basics, this event was open to our friends and family. We all had a fun-filled evening enjoying each other’s company; testing our handicapping skills; and cashing tickets.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Mojo Racing Partners
Sugars and JP study the program    MP Fred; his wife, Julie, and their daughter;
                                                          Zoe, handicap the menu.

Photo by Fred Taylor
Mojo Partners and Friends settle in for an exciting
night of racing action!


The "Big Man" lived up to his name on a $1,350 Trifecta score; Paul struck gold on a $135 payout while playing Del Mar; and your's truly hit the early Pick 4 for $125 and on a $56 Superfecta ticket later that evening. If I’m not mistaken, almost everyone cashed a winning ticket (or two), which produced some good scratch to cover the next round of cocktails.

Photo by Fred Taylor  Photo by Fred Taylor
Partners Big Man and Laurie (with her husband,   Guns Up!  Texas Tech Alums got
Brian) show their winning tickets.                            their Mojo Working!

On behalf of Mojo Racing Partners, I want to thank everyone who joined us this evening. My earnest expression of gratitude goes out to fellow Mojo Partner John C. for helping us put together this event. Though he was with his family on vacation, his passion and spirit for the sport were celebrated by all. Also, my thanks to Raney in the Horesmen's Relations Office at Lone Star Park for taking good care of our arrangements.

Photo by Fred Taylor
A great night for all!

Mojo Mixer

July 9

After a few cocktails and Mojo munchies, the first order of business was to toast all Partners on their collective ambition to “come together” and make this Partnership happen. Naturally, the second order of business was to raise a glass to our future Runner with the hope that our colt (or filly) will have straight legs, a huge heart, and the will to win a lot of races for us! Of course, we also thanked Sugars for helping put together this event.

Photo by Mojo Racing Partners
Sabrina, Paul, Fred, and Laurie raise a glass as
Big John gets a refill

Opening Remarks

The Road to the Derby starts here! (Whether that’s the Tijuana Derby at Aqua Caliente or some Demolition Derby.) Though we won’t be the first group of people to try to cross this proverbial horse racing desert with a fine Arab charger; if we make it, then we could conceivably bring to Texas thoroughbred ownership what Southwest Airlines did for Texas aviation—make it accessible, affordable, and most importantly, FUN!

Even though I grew up with the Kentucky Derby in my own back yard, my true passion for thoroughbred racing really started when a high school friend’s father bought a racehorse, and I was invited to join them at Churchill Downs to watch it run. Since then, I have dreamed of being an owner.

Photo by Fred Taylor
Lisa (who has known our Trainer most of her life),
Big John (owner of four thoroughbreds) 

While doing my homework, I met some very nice people along the way. (I also met some rascals that left a vivid impression of what I do not want our Partnership to be.) For whatever reason (personal or otherwise), I couldn’t find the right fit. Then, by a stroke of fate, I met Ken Carson (General Manager of Valor Farm). Ken truly is a steward of this industry, and he is also a glutton for punishment because he continues to put up with my measured pestering about this business. After Ken tried to convince me that I must be crazy to want to subject myself to the torments of ownership, he then said something that resonated in my skull like the call to the post: If you can put together the “right” group of people, then you make ownership a lot of fun.

I never really thought about organizing a Partnership, but after Ken said that, it made perfect sense. I just need to find people in the area who share the same passion, determination, and commitment. Through mutual associates, that’s where we are today. Each of us shares the passion, determination, and commitment to join forces to experience all aspects of ownership from the farm to the track. By doing so; we are making participation affordable; we are reducing the individual risk; and we are elevating our camaraderie in this sport as we go forth together.

Keeneland September Yearling Sale

I plan to attend the last four days of the Yearling Sale at Keeneland to buy our Runner. Before I go, I'm going to study the catalog pages, which list the hip numbers of the colts and fillies offered that we should be able to afford. I will consult with Ken Carson and Bret Calhoun prior to my trip. (In addition to their sterling reputations, Ken is known to have an expert eye for pedigree, and Bret is also an experienced purchasing agent. Both will be at the Yearling Sale (along with every other buyer/seller/agent on the planet!).

I'll "dog ear" the hip pages that fit what I'm looking for: A colt or filly out of a dam that is known to produce good runners. Of course, a champion two-year old would be great, but I’m not interested in running our horse into the ground and rendering it useless for the rest of its life. I’m looking for a big, lanky horse that can grow into its body and has the potential to excel as a three-year old and four-year old. At Keeneland, I'll visit the barns of the horses that we marked to see which really have four legs and offer good conformation.

Photo by Fred Taylor
Carol (a broodmare owner) explains to Kay, Kathy,
Wanda, and Kathryn that the sale price doesn’t
necessarily translate into racing success.

From there, anything goes in the sales ring. I'll only go over the budgeted amount by a thousand dollars if there's a horse that I really like. If what I'm looking for sells for less than our budgeted amount, then that's just more Mojo Money for us to use to offset our other costs and expenditures. Even though I'll be the one doing the bidding, everyone is welcome to attend the sale. I'll send more information about this as we get closer to the Sale date.

After the gavel hits the block, our Runner will be instantly insured (as stated in an earlier “News and Notes” update, Arthur Maberry is ready to provide our coverage) and shipped to Valor Farm, where our colt (or filly) will stand until it is sent to Diamond D Ranch for schooling. Only after our Runner gets out on the track will we begin to see if it's going to be a sprinter, miler, long distance runner, or barn dweller. Its pedigree will provide some insight into that before hand. For instance: The offspring of Lost Soldier tend to be very good sprinters. Once on the track, we'll also see what surface (dirt or turf) that it prefers.

Working Our Mojo

One of the great things about our group is the collection of different personalities, expertise, and reasons for wanting to be part of this experience. Our combined diversity is what will keep our Mojo workin'! We know what's at stake, and to help guide our Partnership in the right direction, I've assembled reputable, trustworthy, and reliable professional resources. Ownership can be affordable, and being a Mojo Racing Partner means more than just sitting in the stands and watching a horse race that's only going to last less than two minutes. (Even though I think that's thrilling in and of itself.) We are stewards of the industry and the future of Texas racing. Just like a horse, I can't instill the passion for thoroughbred racing in your heart (as much as I'd like to do that in everyone); but I can give you every opportunity to experience it with manageable/affordable risk. To me, this is what makes Mojo Racing Partners unique.