Mojo News and Notes

July 2007

  • No Dice (for now)
  • Courtney Update
Current Events
No Dice (for now)

July 28, 2007

Unfortunately, the Mojo wasn't right and Courtney's name didn’t make it to the entry box.  As such, she did not run on July 27, and since the Lone Star Meet ends on Sunday, we are in the process of evaluating our options elsewhere. 

The way I see it, this just gives us more time to get right with the Racing Gods.  We'll continue to give thanks to St. Francis and Our Lady of Guadalupe - because once you start, you gotta keep it up for the Mojo to continue. 

Meanwhile, Woody continues to work well, and we are looking to have him ready to go to the track at the end of August. 

Stay tuned.  I'll keep you posted on the next Mojo adventures.

Courtney Update

July 15, 2007

After several weeks of trying, our Gal finally settled down enough to earn her gate card and become eligible to enter a race.
As I've mentioned before, she has a wonderful disposition, but doesn't care too much for the starting gate at Lone Star Park (which is a bit of problem knowing she can't run unless she goes in!).  The good news is that she breaks well once in, and the hope is that she'll relax enough to load on race day.

Speaking of which, Courtney is scheduled to be entered to run her first race on Friday, July 27, at Lone Star Park.  This is very exciting news for our Partnership because she will be our first Runner to actually race.  Hollywood Pegasus (a.k.a. Woody) is the first Thoroughbred that we bought; but because we wanted to give him some extra time to grow into his big body, he was held out to run later this Fall.  So, we bought Courtney to have some fun this Summer.

As it turned out, our Filly needed more time than we expected; but we're darn proud, nonetheless, that she's made it this far - still fit and sound - which isn't a given for any racehorse.  Her racing name is Not In My Court, and it will be entered in the program with W. Bret Calhoun as the Trainer and Mojo Racing Partners - Not In My Court as the Owners.  Bret believes she'll be the most competitive at this level, and come race day, we're keeping our fingers crossed that some good Mojo will come her way that evening.