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January 2007

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Woody's Last Breeze and New Video Too!

January 26, 2007

I am very pleased to announce that Hollywood Pegasus literally flew across the track this morning in very impressive fashion during his last breeze.  He completed 3/16ths (a furlong and a half) in 18.3 seconds.  In doing so, he shaved off 7/10ths of a seconds from his time (over the same distance) last week.  This means, Woody has made noticeable improvement every week.  He's the perfect student!

Mr. Dodwell (owner of Diamond D Ranch) was also trackside to see HP's results.  Ed said, "The only problem with this horse is that he ran a mile too short!"  In other words, all else being equal, going a mile (or more) ain't gonna be a problem for this one.  A very nice/respected compliment indeed.
I've posted three new clips of Woody's morning breeze on his profile page.

The first clip is of HP coming on to the track.

The second, and most exciting, video is of the Mojo Man flying around the far turn and heading down the home stretch.  In this clip, I started filming the horse that was on the lead b/c you'll see Woody quickly catch up; blow past at the quarter pole; and then thunder toward the finish post.  TOTALLY AWESOME watching our horse move so fast!  I was truly speechless seeing his athletic burst of speed--I could watch it over and over all day.

And the third is of our Runner returning from his work out--you can almost imagine the crowd rising to their feet as Woody saunters past the grandstand.

View the HP's Video Clips - Enjoy!

HP Update

January 24, 2007

In spite of the nasty weather last week, HP was able to “get in” his third breeze.  In addition to his normal gallop, Woody went with company (four other horses) over 3/16th (a furlong and a half) in 19 seconds flat.  That's good improvement knowing for his first breeze he went a 16th in 7.2 seconds; in his second breeze he went an 8th (a.k.a. one furlong or two poles in "track speak") in 13.1 seconds.  So, in his third week he's shaved off 2.6 seconds off his first time; and he's knocked off 8/10ths of a second (on average) off of his second week's time.
Scooter reports that the Mojo Man is still hitting the ground "good;" there are no problems to speak of; he's handling himself very well; and he continues to carry a perfect disposition and healthy appetite.  In fact, when I was out there a couple of weeks ago, he didn't want to have anything to do with me after he got back to his stall b/c he was all business with his grain and hay!  HP's demeanor continues to be a calm, easy-going colt that works hard and doesn't get bothered being in company.  In speaking about Woody's parents, Scooter said, "The apple probably doesn't fall to far from the tree with this one."

Second Breeze and Video

January 11, 2007

Even though it was cool, windy out at Diamond D this morning, Woody galloped two laps with a filly, and during the first half of the second lap, he breezed an 1/8th of a mile.  He handled the track really well, and shaved off a second from the time he ran last week. 

I have a new and exciting twist that I hope will make you feel like you were trackside from the comfort of your home/office.  In addition to the photos (below), there are two short videos of HP's breeze this morning--which I have placed on HP's profile page.
To view the video clips, you'll need to have Window Media Player installed on your computer.
If you watch closely, during his second lap, you'll notice HP speed up halfway into the first turn (or what would be the Clubhouse turn) and breeze all the way to the 1/16 pole (halfway down the backstretch).  Woody's rider, Mimo, is wearing a red, white, and blue helmet cover.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor
Photo by Fred Taylor