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October 2011

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October 2011

  Wild About Annie

Because the crack in Annie's left knee hasn't closed, we decided to send the Mojo Filly back to the medical center to receive shockwave therapy to try to help the bone heal.

The shockwave therapy is administered three separate times, three weeks apart.  It’s a noninvasive nine-week treatment process that is used to stimulate the blood flow and accelerate the healing process.  The alternative is to wait it out, which could be another four to six months.

Of course, we remain hopeful that the Filly's knee will heal by November; but we're committed to giving it whatever time is necessary before we resume training.

What does this do to our racing plans?  Well, it postpones resuming Annie’s training for at least another month.  Once the treatment is complete and we x-ray the Filly's knee, we'll consider our next steps.

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