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September 2009

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Wild About Annie (new pics and video)!

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Before trick-or-treating, we spent the afternoon at Legacy Ranch in Pilot Point, TX to watch Wild About Annie’s lesson for the day.

Levi Olson (Annie’s Trainer) reports that, in the last 30 days, the Filly is doing very well—she’s learned to take a saddle, rider, and can be guided with the reigns.  Since she’s been a model student, Levi said WAA has graduated from the round pin in flying colors and is now schooling in the covered riding arena.

There were about 15 Mojo Partners and Family Members onhand to support Annie as Levi trotted her in circles (both directions); practiced her steering; and let her pose for a few pictures.  Annie is very mild mannered; relaxed with people, other horses, and noise around her; and she is guided easily.

To watch the latest video of Annie in action, please click:

As you can tell from the pics (below), Annie’s filling out nicely; she’s staying fit; and her coat is getting darker (and a little fluffy as the temperatures are getting cooler).

Photo by Ben Taylor Photo by Ben Taylor
Photo by Ben Taylor Photo by Ben Taylor

Annie will continue to train with Levi at Legacy Ranch through October and November.

For more information about Levi Olson, go to:  

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