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Mojo Survey Results
What do the people want?

January 28, 2012

People want to know more about getting involved in a horse racing partnership.

Between November and December 2011, Mojo Racing Partners conducted three surveys to learn more about what other people think about horse racing partnerships.  Special thanks to all who voluntarily took the time to participate and offered their much-appreciated responses.  And, based on the feedback of over 120 people who responded to the Mojo Surveys, the results are pretty encouraging.

61.5% of respondents said they are interested in owning part of a race horse because they've always wanted to be an owner, like the idea of getting involved, or are curious to know about their options.  The majority of those surveyed would prefer to be in a partnership, and they see it as a hobby that provides an opportunity to meet new people and learn about the sport.

Most people prefer to have a five to ten percent share of a portfolio of up to three horses purchased from a reputable sales auction such as Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton after the partnership is formed.  Of course, everyone wants to see their horse run (that’s the point, right!); but they also want to visit the backside (barns), training centers, and farm too.

When it comes down to their personal obligations, 62.5% of the folks who took the surveys thought the initial investment per person should be $2,000 (or less); 59.5% wanted their total out of pocket expenses to be no more than $5,000; and over 55% felt two years is a suitable time commitment for the term of a partnership.

Mojo Survey Results Snapshot

  • 61.5% of respondents want to get involved in a racing partnership.
  • 5% to 10% is the ideal ownership stake.
  • $2,000 (or less) to start, and no more than $5,000 out of pocket.
  • 2-year commitment.
  • Small management fee.
  • Updates via e-mail.

“I was very curious to see how people would respond to these questions,” says Fred Taylor, Managing Partner for Mojo Racing Partners.  “When you start out, you have a good gut feeling about what’s worthwhile because you know what you’d like.  Then, after you do this for several years and listen to your partners, you get a better understanding of what works best for them.  But, when you open the floor for feedback from anyone in the general public, you start to see people’s true tolerances.”  

Did the surveys prove anything?  “In many ways, these surveys validated what Mojo is trying to provide and they confirmed my belief that this sport needs to offer viable/economical options to people who are interested in getting involved,” Fred said.  “For me, it also verifies that the expectations and price(s) have to be set at levels that work best for the particular group of people—it has to be ‘doable’ so everyone has a positive experience.” 

What else did you learn?  Over 93% of the people who responded want to be kept informed via e-mail.  More than 84% are receptive to a small management fee.  And, over 75% don’t mind if their horse(s) race in a city that’s different from where they live.  “As a communication guy, I provide news, notes, and updates via all channels (e-mail, website, video, Facebook, Twitter, etc.); but the results clearly demonstrate that e-mail still rules the day,” Fred explained.  “Though I haven’t charged a management fee up to this point, I’ll consider that in the future to help get the word out in other cities about Mojo’s Mission.”

End Note:  The individuals who participated in the Mojo Surveys were intentionally left "anonymous," their contact information was not collected, and their responses will not be utilized by Mojo Racing Partners (or provided to any third party) for future solicitations of Mojo Racing Partners products and services.

Survey 3 - Out of Pocket Expenses

For the next survey (in our series), we want to "drill down" and get the public's opinion about paying for the costs associated with participating in a horse racing partnership.

To take the survey, please click:  Out of Pocket Expenses

Survey 2 - Owning A Race Horse

Continuing our quest to give the people what they want, Mojo would like to know your thoughts about owning a race horse.

As such, our second survey asks five questions to better understand your thoughts about being an owner.

To take the survey, please click:  Owning A Race Horse

Survey 1 - Joining A Racing Partnership

In order to give the people what they want, Mojo would like to know your thoughts about joining a racing partnership.

As such, our first survey asks nine questions to better understand your basic interests in becoming a partner.

To take the survey, please click:  Joining A Racing Partnership

Mojo wants to know what you want!

October 16, 2011

Mojo Racing Partners will launch a series of surveys that are intended to better understand what the people want.

“We’re going to reach out to our fans and ask them to tell us about their ideal ownership experience,” said Fred Taylor, Mojo’s Managing Partner.  “Times are changing, and we can sit around and speculate what that means to our followers; however, unless you ask, you won’t really know.  So, that’s what we’re going to do.  And, asking questions just falls in line with the type of open relationship that we try to foster with our Partners and Fans.”

During November and December, different surveys (developed using SurveyMonkey) about racehorse ownership, Mojo, and thoroughbred racing (in general) will be posted on the partnership’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website.  “We’re going to take laid back, but intentional approach,” Taylor explains.  “I’m going to start with some general questions to get a feel for the people’s attitudes about horse racing partnerships.  Then, through subsequent surveys, we’ll ask more questions learn about their tolerances for this type of product in the present economic environment.”

Participating in the surveys will be completely voluntary.  Those who complete a survey will remain anonymous, and their privacy will be protected.  “I respect the privacy of all Mojo Fans; I care about their feelings and concerns; and protecting their identity is key to honest feedback, as well as their future support.”

So, why should anyone to take time to read and respond to a survey?  “The surveys will be short and sweet—not more than ten simple questions that will take five minutes to complete,” Fred promises.  “Mojo Friends will be given a link to an online questionnaire, so it’ll be easy/convenient to access.  Plus, the feedback will be useful insofar as figuring out how to help people get involved in the sport.  And, as more Mojo Fans take the surveys, Mojo will offer incentives to keep answering our questions.”

Mojo Racing Partners:

The Mojo Racing Partners entity was created by Fred Taylor in 2006.  Since then, it has formed four boutique Partnerships under the Mojo colors, and strives to differentiate itself from other racing syndicates by offering newcomers an educational, affordable, and fun experience that places the wellbeing and welfare of our Runners above all else.  Mojo is based in Fort Worth, TX; our Runners are prepared for racing in Texas at Diamond D Ranch and have raced in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.  Currently, one Partnership group is formed via Mojo that has a Three-Year-Old Filly, Wild About Annie—she is slated to run in Texas later this year. 


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