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June 3, 2012

  • Jackrabbit Fast! 
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Mojo Enters Jackrabbit Fast!

June 3, 2012 

Photo by Fred Taylor

Mojo Racing Partners is pleased to announce that Jackrabbit Fast has been entered to run in Race 8 at Lone Star Park on Friday, June 8—Post Time is 9:51p CT!

“I’m totally thrilled with the way this group and the race has come together,” said Fred Taylor, Mojo’s Managing Partner.  “With I’ll Have Another running for the Triple Crown at Belmont Park on Saturday, I’m glad that my partners are going to have an opportunity to kick off and be part of the fun racing action this weekend!”

There are ten horses entered to run in Race 8 at Lone Star Park on Friday, June 8.  To view the entry conditions, click:  Lone Star Park Entries Race 8 June 8

Speaking about the race, the conditions, and the competition, Fred says: “The Jackrabbit will be competitive in this race. JR’s put him in a spot where he has a chance to win.  So, come out to Lone Star, cheer on Jackrabbit Fast, and get your Mojo workin' too!  

Even though the World Wide Mojo Headquarters is in Fort Worth, TX, if all goes according to plan, Jackrabbit Fast will be the first horse to race for Mojo at Lone Star Park:  “I really like Lone Star Park—it’s a nice facility for horses, horsemen, and fans,” Fred explains.  “And, it’s practically in the back yard of my partnership group (relatively speaking).  Being from Kentucky, when I started Mojo, most of my connections were up there.  So, we raced in Kentucky (Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Turfway Park, and Kentucky Downs), Indiana (Indiana Downs), and Illinois (Arlington Park) in previous years.”

Mojo’s back in the saddle again:  “We have lots of reasons to celebrate on Friday night!” Fred announces.  “A new group, a new horse, and a new track!  You know, last year was a long, hot summer for everyone, and just like the weather, we also encountered an unexpected dry spell in 2011 insofar as racing is concerned.  So, I’m thankful for all of my partners’ interests, and I’m glad to be running at Lone Star Park at their 2012 Meet.” 

Getting involved:  “Mojo is about giving people an easy, affordable, and fun opportunity to experience the ownership side of the sport,” Fred says.  “I put the Jackrabbit Fast Group together to prove just that.  Being an active owner is educational too—for me and my partners.  Having a vested interest (no matter what level you participate) gives everyone new insights about being owners.  And, when the business model requires you to be frugal, it also brings people together to help make the group successful.” 

Mojo Background

Mojo Racing Partners was founded in 2006 to
 prove that having fun; enjoying all the aspects of ownership; and upholding the highest standards in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry can be done for a fraction of the cost.  Mojo (the entity) is based in Fort Worth, TX; and our Runners have also raced in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. 

Mojo will be forming a new general partnership to claim and run a thoroughbred racehorse--the new general partnership will offer 4% shares for $500 (each).  There are no monthly fees once the subscription price is paid.  The only things each person may have to pay based on their vested percentage are any additional medical, insurance (if purchased), and expenses incurred related to racing this horse (not to exceed the value of the horse) that aren't covered by any purse money earned.  You can pay with cash, certified check, or credit card.  Visit Become A Partner to learn more about this opportunity.

"We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone, and we aren’t trying to compete against the ‘Big Boys’ racing syndicates,” says Fred Taylor, Mojo’s Managing Partner.  “We want to give people an easy, affordable, fun, and low risk (financially) alternative to experience this great sport.  And, our Concept and Mission are designed to, first, provide the best care for our horses—before, during, and after their racing careers; set a good example for the industry; and provide a unique/educational experience for our Partners.  By offering this type of service, we believe there can be win/win memories that will last a lifetime."

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