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Get Your Mojo Work'n at Remington Park

August 5, 2012

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Join Mojo for racing at Remington Park!

Mojo Racing Partners is getting ready for the upcoming meet at Remington Park, and we want you to take part in the fun with us!  In order to give the people what they want, we’re making it easy to participate, bring your friends, and join the Mojo Group! 

"This is a great chance for folks to get their Mojo work’n if they ever wanted to know what it’s like to own a racehorse,” said Fred Taylor, Mojo’s CEM.  “
We had a great time racing at Lone Star Park, and we’re going to carry that energy right into the Remington Meet.  And, since we have a few spots open in the Jackrabbit Fast Group, now’s the perfect time to get in sport without all of the financial hurdles.”

Mojo offers 4% shares for $500 (each).  There are no monthly fees once the participation price is paid.  The only things each person may have to pay based on their vested percentage are: licensing, personal/entertainment expenses, and emergency medical or surgery expenses related to training/racing campaign not to exceed the value of the horse and not covered by purse money earned.

In addition to that, Mojo’s also offering a promo to get your friends and family members involved too!  If you refer two friends who join Mojo before Friday, August 17, you’ll be given one share in the Jackrabbit Group.  If only one friend participates, then we’ll give you 50% off a share.  See Jackrabbit Giveaway Info (below).

“We’re always looking for ways to get new folks involved in the sport,” Fred says.  “Since we have a few extra shares available for the Jackrabbit Fast Group, this is a really good opportunity to join the Mojo fun when we race at Remington Park!”

To get your Mojo work’n right away, click:  Participation Document 

For more information, click:  E-mail Fred

Mojo Background

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its horse racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) was founded in 2006 toprove that having fun; enjoying all the aspects of ownership; and upholding the highest standards in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry can be done for a fraction of the cost.  "We don’t pretend to be everything to everyone, and we aren’t trying to compete against the ‘Big Boys’ racing syndicates,” Fred says.  “We want to give people an easy, affordable, fun, and low risk (financially) alternative to experience this great sport.  And, our Concept and Mission are designed to, first, provide the best care for our horses—before, during, and after their racing careers; set a good example for the industry; and provide a unique/educational experience for the folks who participate with us.  By offering this type of service, we believe there can be win/win memories that will last a lifetime."

Mojo Participation Rules*

All prospective Participants are encouraged to read, understand, and ask questions about the Partnership Conditions and Organization Information before joining.  This term of this Mojo Group is scheduled to last through the end of the 2012 Remington Park Meet (December 9, 2012), if the horse is claimed, or if the horse is unable to race.  If the horse's ability merits racing beyond the term of this Mojo Group, then the term may be extended; additional Capital Contributions will be required (in accordance with each Participant's respective percentage); and a Participation Continuation Document will be issued.  A maximum number of 25 shares will be offered for this Mojo Group (no controlling interests).  All funds received from prospective Participants will be refunded if submitted after this Mojo Group is filled.  There will be no refunds for payments--this is to protect the interests of the other Mojo Group Participants.  A prospective Participant can pay in cash (U.S. Dollars), by certified check, or by credit card.  There is a $10 transaction processing charge to use a credit card.  To participate, each person must fill out a fully completed Participation Document and submit it along with their payment to the World Wide Mojo Headquarters.

Jackrabbit Giveaway Info

n order to qualify for a giveaway share, your two referrals have to submit their Participation Documents for the 2012 JRF RP Meet and make their respective payments before Friday, August 17.  One referral can buy two shares in order for you to be eligible for the giveaway share.  If you qualify for the giveaway share, you will have to submit the respective Participation Documents.  All Participants are responsible for any expenses and/or charges aside from the share price.  The price per share to participate in the 2012 JRF RP Meet is $500.


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