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Mojo Donation for Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

November 4, 2012 

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Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC
accounced it will donate $100 onbehalf of Mojo Racing Partners to the American Red Cross to assist the families in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast who have been devistated by Hurricane Sandy.

"Last week, thousands of people along the Atlantic Coast had their lives turned upside down by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy," reports Fred Taylor, Mojo's CEM.  "Winter is on the way and the American Red Cross is asking for cash donations to assist families who need basic necessities like shelter, food, water, and clothing.  So, on behalf of Mojo, I'm making a donation to the American Red Cross to support their disaster relief efforts."

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC provides annual charitable contributions to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund and Old Friends Equine Retirement.  "We believe in helping those who need it the most in our sport," Fred says. "In the same spirit, I know the American Red Cross will put our donation to good use."

For more information about providing assistance, click: American Red Cross

Mojo Background

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its horse racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) was founded in 2006 to give people a Smart, Affordable, Fun, and Educational (SAFE) opportunity to participate in the sport of Thoroughbred racing.  Fred Taylor, Mojo's CEM says: "Our Concept is designed to offer our participants a lifetime of Win/Win experiences, and our Mission is to be the most affordable racing group in the U.S."

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