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Mojo's 2-for-1 Bundle

Affordable Participation Opportunity for 2013 Lone Star Park Meet

April 14, 2013 : Fort Worth, TX

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) has put together a two-horse racing package to give the people an affordable opportunity to experience the thrills and excitement of ownership for a very low price.

“We’ve bundled together two horses for one very low price,” says Fred Taylor, Mojo’s CEM.  “Last year, we had lot of fun at the Lone Star Meet with one reliable horse, and this year we want to provide even more action without increasing the cost to participate!”

The way the bundle works is, for $500, a person can buy a 4% share in Mojo’s 2013 Lone Star Park Racing Package.  The share price covers the day-to-day training costs and general business expenses of both horses through the end of the end of this race meet.  Once the Participation Document and Payment have been submitted, there are no additional contributions required for the racing ops of either horse.  To learn more about the this opportunity, please click: Participation Info

“We want to provide smart, affordable, fun, and educational opportunities for folks to get involved in the sport of thoroughbred racing as new owners (not just spectators),” Fred explains.  “By offering two horses, it’s twice the fun and provides more options to have a better ownership experience at the races.”

The horses included in the package are race ready, and respectively named Pelham and Alarming Afleet.  Pelham is a 4YO dark bay gelding by Proud Citizen.  Alarming Afleet is a 9YO bay gelding by Northern Afleet.  Both horses were included in the Mojo package because they have been consistently competative at the claiming level, and they can be trusted to provide the group with a lot of excitement throughout the meet.

For more information about participating in Mojo’s 2013 Lone Star Park Racing Package, please contact:
Fred Taylor (214) 957-4090.

Mojo Background

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its horse racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) was founded in 2006 to give people a Smart, Affordable, Fun, and Educational (SAFE) opportunity to participate in the sport of Thoroughbred racing.  Fred Taylor, Mojo's CEM says: "Our Concept is designed to offer our participants a lifetime of Win/Win experiences, and our Mission is to be the most affordable racing group in the U.S."

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