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May 2008

  • SB's Gate Breeze
  • SB's Gate Introduction
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Saint Brigid Gate Breeze

May 30, 2008

Our Patroness turned out another good breeze from the gate this morning at Diamond D Ranch.  She walked right in and settled nicely.  Once the gates opened, SB ran three 8ths in :37 flat.

Photo by Fred Taylor

I posted a video clip (below) of her breeze.

Click the link to see the video.

Gate Breeze

Saint Brigid's Gate Introduction

Our Patroness was introduced to the starting gate on May 19; and for her first time in and out, she handled herself very well.  In fact, Brigid was professional in the way she evaluated the situation and was off & running!

Click on the video clip links below to see SB get down to business.

Photo by Fred Taylor Photo by Fred Taylor

Video Clips

Rider Up and Away

Gate Two

Gate Three