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June 2008

  • Mojo Runners get ready for Summer
  • Big Brown Bounces
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Mojo Runners Get Ready for Summer

June 8, 2008

Hollywood Pegasus

HP returned to HighPointe and settled back in nicely after spending most of May at Kesmarc.  Our Trainer said The Man looks good, he’s happy, and John's ready to get Hollywood back into the program.  

The plan is to work Woodrow an easy half mile (four furlongs) later this week and see how he comes out of it.  If all’s well, then HP will move forward with his training.

Saint Brigid

Our Patroness completed her last work (1/2 mile—four furlongs—in an easy :52.6) on Friday at Diamond D Ranch.

The next steps for Sister Brigid will be to find a ride to Kentucky.  The plan is to ship SB this week and get her settled at HighPointe as soon as possible.  (For those concerned about the heat, she’ll travel at night when the temperatures are cooler.)  The goal is to have her ready to run at Keeneland during their Fall Meet.

The Belmont Stakes

I suppose the best word to describe the results of the Belmont is:  redemption.  While I’m indifferent about the outcome of the race, I am glad a horse that is pumped up on steroids did not win the Triple Crown.  (I don’t care if they are “legal” in that state or not.)

If you'd like to read my article about banning steroids and other performance enhancing drugs from racing click:  

Get Rid of Steroids

Big Brown’s bounce in the Belmont will do three important things for the industry:  1. Raise further awareness about “juicers” (trainers who use steroids to get an edge), 2. Increase focus on the Industry’s efforts to ban performance enhancing drugs, and 3.  Fan the flames about modifying the Triple Crown series (to make it easier to win).  My article addresses 1 and 2; but on the topic of changing the Triple Crown, I like (and agree with) what Nick Zito (trainer of two Kentucky Derby, a Preakness, and two Belmont winners) had to say: 

“The 70’s spoiled us with back-to-back-to-back greats.  The Triple Crown is one of the greatest challenges in all sports that requires a good horse to prove its worth.  Look at some of the legendary horses that didn’t do it—Majestic Prince, Spectacular Bid, Northern Dancer.  Racing is more competitive now—and that’s a good thing.  It (participating) used to be big owners and big farms.  Now, more people want in and can participate.”