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Mojo Giveaway: Refer two friends and we'll give you a share!

August 4, 2012

Photo by Reed Palmer

The welcome mat is out at the Mojo HDQ, and we're inviting you and your friends to come in!

If you refer two friends who join Mojo before Friday, August 17, you’ll be given one share in the Jackrabbit Group.  If only one friend participates, then we’ll give you 50% off a share.  See Jackrabbit Giveaway Info (below).

“We’re always looking for ways to get new folks involved in the sport,” says Fred Taylor, Mojo’s CEM.  “Since we have a few extra shares available in the Jackrabbit Fast Group, this is a really good opportunity to join the Mojo fun when we race at Remington Park in a couple of weeks!”

Mojo Info

For information about participating, please click: Participation Opportunity

To get your Mojo work’n right away, click:  Participation Document

To ask questions, click:  E-mail Fred

Jackrabbit Giveaway Info

n order to qualify for a giveaway share, your two referrals have to submit their Participation Documents for the 2012 JRF RP Meet and make their respective payments before Friday, August 17.  One referral can buy two shares in order for you to be eligible for the giveaway share.  If you qualify for the giveaway share, you will have to submit the respective Participation Documents.  All Participants are responsible for any expenses and/or charges aside from the share price.  The price per share to participate in the 2012 JRF RP Meet is $500.

THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HERE IS FOR General awareness PURPOSEs.  For a list of the giveaway rules, PLEASE READ:  Mojo giveaway details

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