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Horsemen Unite!

Help Secure a Better Future for Texas Racing!

Mojo Racing Partners is encouraging all horsemen to come together and work hard to encourage our state legislators to support HB 2111 and SB 1118.  Passage of these bills benefits horsemen of all racing and non-racing breeds.  For more information, please read: Preserving the Tradition.

In order to sustain the sport of horse racing in Texas we must retain the resources that are needed to support it.  To do this, horsemen have to level the playing field with the surrounding states.  Texas needs to utilize the same resources that Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico provides.  We have to give fans and new enthusiasts alike the incentives to stay and play in Texas.

Where does this start?  In Austin.

How can you participate and make a difference?  There are three easy ways:

1.  Contact your local State Senator and Representatives?  They need to hear from you and you should ask them to support House Bill 2111 and Senate Bill 1118.  You can find your Texas Legislators by clicking:  Texas Lawmakers

2.  Write a personal letter that describes the impact that the decline in the Texas horse industry has had on you.  If you don't know what to say specifically, review the sample letter.

3.  Please encourage your friends, family members, and associates to contact their legislators as well.  This will help raise a collective voice of support in Austin.

How else can you get directly involved?  Ask to visit your State Senator and Representative.  Attend Texas Horseman’s Day at the State Capital on  March 31.

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