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August and September 2011

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Wild About Annie Update

August and September 2011

Photo by Carol Nichols Photo by Carol Nichols Photo by Carol Nichols

Well, the crack in Annie's left knee bone is almost closed; but a line is still visible on the x-ray.  As such, we decided that it’s best to give the Mojo Filly another 30 days off to see if the crack seals completely.

Some horses recover in six months, while others need a full year off before they return to racing.  Of course, we remain hopeful that the knee will heal sooner than later; but we're committed to giving it whatever time is necessary before we resume training.

What does this do to our racing plans?  Not much, really.  For now, it shifts resuming Annie’s training about a month (which isn’t a bad thing considering the temperatures down here aren’t forecast to cool off anytime soon).  And, that won’t affect our overall plans to race Annie at Sam Houston after the first of the year.

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