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Header Glossary

The following industry/sporting terms are used by Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC in our governing documents, business/operations, and general correspondence.

Anniversary Month: The month in which the Group is said to have originated.

Capital Account: The bank account that holds cash contributions, purse winnings, proceeds, and other money collected on behalf of the organization. All expenses, costs, fees, expenses, expenditures, and services incurred on behalf of Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC will be paid from the Capital Account.

Capital Contributions: 1. Money contributed to the organization to pay to participate in Mojo Group. 2. Money utilized for the operating costs, expenses, and expenditures of the organization.

Cost, Expenses, and Fees: Charges incurred by the organization directly or indirectly related to the operation of the business.

Expenditures: Charges incurred by the organization related to the promotion and/or celebration of the group and/or entity.

Fiduciary Duty: Responsibilities held in trust by one person (or persons) on behalf of the organization. In the case of this organization, the Chief Executive Manager and President.

Participant: A person who provided Capital Contributions in exchange for a share or shares in a particular Mojo Group.

Investment: A portion of the Mojo Group that represents the percentage that a Participant owns.

Majority: More than half of the combined Participants Interests

Chief Executive Manager and/or President: The person(s) responsible for organizing, monitoring, communicating, making decisions on the business affairs of the organization and the respective groups.

Partnership Information: The documents that summarize the conditions, practices, and principles of the agreement.

Mojo:  The word Mojo entered the English Language during the 19th Century. In the Caribbean, Mojo is a supernatural power used for such things as protecting one from evil or crossed conditions, drawing love, or bringing good luck or success in gambling and other money matters. In the United States, the word Mojo has taken on similar connotations, and is often chronicled by reggae, blues, and rock musicians for the sexual prowess some good Mojo will bring you. The most celebrated reference being by Muddy Waters in his jumping song “Got My Mojo Work'n”.

Because it’s a perfect fit for the concept. The thoroughbred horse business isn’t easy, and one can get bummed out in a split second by the cold hand of racing reality. As such, the spirit of this group rests in our collective intellect, attitude, and will of all Participants.

Giving the people what they want, and doing everything possible to make sure everyone's experience as enjoyable as possible is the most important matter. The Mojo concept is a rather unorthodox method to break into the sport of kings; but it's better to be ourselves, have a lot of fun, and celebrate the Hell out of everything we do. Our name and the color of our silks are reflections of a culture that represents the freedom to participate; to enjoy each other's company; and to have fun at all levels. Mix in a little TLC, and I think we have a good formula for success.

Net Cash Flow: The difference between the revenues generated by the organization and the Cost, Expenses, and Expenditures paid.

Offering:  A particular Thoroughbred for which "Interests" will be made available (or are planned to be available) to current Participants and/or the general public.

Mojo Group: A collective interest of people who own a particular horse or horses.

Share: The set percentage of ownership in a horse or horses offered by the organization.

Purse: The money that is awarded to the owners of a Thoroughbred that is one of the top finishers in a race.

Reserves: Money held in the Capital Account to be used to offset the group's expenses, costs, fees, expenses, expenditures, and services.

Risk: The possibility of loss.

Syndicate: An association formed to transact business or to sell a portion of a business’ interest.

Terms of the Agreement: The binding document that spells out the rights, duties, and obligations of the Participants and organization pursuant to the Texas Statues for Series LLC entities.

Thoroughbred: Technically, a thoroughbred must be able to trace its parentage back more than 250 years to one of the thre "founding sires" of the breed: either the Darley Arabian, the Byerly Turk, or the Godolphin Arabian. The thoroughbred must also have satisfied the rules and requirements of The Jockey Club and the International Stud Book Committee. (Any other horse, regardless of parentage, is not considered a thoroughbred for purposes of racing and/or breeding.)

Two-Year-Olds In Training:  Fillies and Colts that have had at least 90 days worth of training (i.e., galloping and initial racing preparation/training).  They are very close to being "raceable," perhaps a month from races that are specifically designated for Thoroughbreds that have reached the age of two-years-old.  

Yearling: A Thoroughbred that is one-year-old or hasn’t achieved it’s second year.

Claiming Race:  A race hosted by the respective track in which the horses that are entered can be purchased (by ballot before the start of the race) for a set price published in the racing form.


If you have any additional questions about participating in a Mojo Group, please contact: Fred Taylor, Jr. - Founder, CEM, and President - Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC.