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July 2013

Build A Bench: To Exend Your Ownership Experience

Have you ever wondered how teams and businesses are able to generate consecutive years of productive results?  Do you believe that the future isn’t on the horizon, it’s actually on your doorstep?

Bench Strength

All successful sports teams understand the value of players who come off the bench and substitute in when the first string needs rest or a specific skill is called upon to generate results.  Many championships are won because the head coach put just as much emphasis on building the strength of the players on the team’s bench as done with the starters. 

Likewise, many organizations are able to flourish because they are able to replace the employees who promote with people who have an equally talented skill set.  Smart businesses will intentionally look for and groom people with potential to quickly fill spots when a vacancy occurs.

Cycle of Longevity

Though you can’t make last minute substitutions into horse races, including young bloodstock into your racing portfolio is an important strategy to achieve ongoing racing prosperity.  This is especially true because many race horses are retired after they race three or four years.

There is a cycle of longevity that goes like this: Have older horses that are racing, have horses that are in training, and have young horses ready to go into training.  As the older horses retire, then move up the horses in training.  As the horses in training go forward, replace them with the younger horses.  And, acquire new young horses to be waiting in the wings.  Then repeat each year or every other year depending on the longevity of the horses in your barn.

Partnerships Provide Oppportunities

Implementing this concept is something that is both manageable and affordable for partnerships.  Because the expenses are diversified, the cost to have a portfolio of race horses at different levels of development can be reasonably low for the group members, while at the same time, the likely benefit is a remarkably high.

How reasonable the cost is just depends on the budget the management team is able to put together and what the participants are willing to pay to be in the group.  And, as discussed in our June Newsletter, the principles of the organization should also factor into your decision to participate.

If you can find an organization that includes young horses in its racing strategy and provides an opportunity to participate that fits your priorities and means, then it’s worth taking a closer look because you’ll not only have the wonderful experience of ownership, you’ll also be increasing the length of time that the experience lasts.

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