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5 Reasons to Join a Racing Group


We know you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to own a racehorse.  So, we’re going to give you five good reasons why participating in a partnership is the smartest first step you can take to get into the awesome sport of Thoroughbred racing.  

No. 1: Racing Groups are Fun!  Really Fun!!

Horse racing is riveting—the moment when your horse comes around the turn and is in position with a chance to win the race is both an unmatched and unforgettable experience.  The thrill of seeing your horse charging down the stretch lights a fire of exhilaration in your soul that’s so powerful you won’t be able to control your emotions and you’ll shout your lungs out all the way to the finish! 

Joining a racing group is like going to a party on race night.  And, when you share these thrilling moments with your friends and family, it dramatically increases the value of everyone’s experience.   Mojo strives to amplify the group’s energy and gives you more reasons to cheer by investing in horses that have the competitive ability to win each time they’re out on the race track.  So, when the horses are ready to go, the party’s on!

Being part of a racing group also provides you with access that’s typically restricted from the general public: The barn/stabling area, the saddling paddock on race day, parking in the horseman’s lot, and free admission to the clubhouse.  Participants will be able to go out to the track in the morning and have coffee along the rail as you watch the horses during their morning exercise and training routines.  The fun continues with scheduled field trips to the farm and opportunities to attend the sales when new runners are being purchased for the syndicate.  In addition to all of the mixing and mingling, you’ll be provided with regular updates that share insights about the horses’ progress, strategy for upcoming races, and the latest industry news.

No. 2: Racing Groups are Affordable!  Very Affordable!!

Do you know what it costs to own a racehorse?  Do you know what it costs to participate in a racing group?  Though the cost to own is racehorse is about the same as buying a new car, you can participate in a racing group for the price of a latte.  That’s right!  It costs less than $5 a day to own a 4% leasehold share in a Mojo Race Group.

When you compare the overall cost to own a racehorse with the cost to participate in a leasehold share, the advantages are instantly apparent.  The cost to have one Thoroughbred racehorse in training is approximately $30,000 to $35,000 a year.  This amount will fluctuate based on the cost to acquire the bloodstock, the trainer’s day rate, the horse’s health, transportation expenses, and insurance (if purchased) to name a few. 

The price of a leasehold share, on the other hand, is based on a fixed percentage of the overall cost.  The share price for the racing group is set according to the entity's needs and offers—some need less and offer small percentages (1% to 5%) and some need more and offer larger interests (10% to 25%).  No matter the percentage, you are only paying for a fraction of the budgeted cost that's set over a designated period of time.  In this regard, you'll have the same fun ownership experience even though you are only paying pennies on the dollar to participate.

By offering fractional shares in the horses they own, racing entities are able to diversify their expenses.  And, when the costs are spread out, that makes participating in the racing group a lot more affordable for more people.  Leasehold shares also give the participants the option to walk away from the group at the end of the partnership’s term or continue if they want to stay with the horses as they go forward with their future racing campaigns.  So, it’s really a win/win—the entity covers their expenses, and the participants pay less and aren’t locked into a long-term contract.

No. 3: It’s Easy!

We know you live a busy life: Job, kids, and a never-ending “to do” list.  Whether you’re a desk jockey or road warrior, you spend most of your time bringing home the bacon and taking care of business around the house.  In this regard, we also know you don’t have the time to manage a stable of racehorses. 

One of the great things about being in a racing partnership is that other people do all of the “leg work” while you get to have fun!  All you have to do is sign up, make one low payment (see Reason No. 2 above), and show up on race day or at the other events planned for the group.

Participating in a racing partnership also allows you to rest assured that, behind the scenes, the people managing the syndicate are hustling to select competitive runners, taking good care of them, paying their bills, and putting them in a position to win.  In addition to that, the racing entity will be making the arrangements for the group’s race-day logistics, handling the communications, coordinating stable visits and other activities related to providing entertainment and offering an educational experience to all involved.

No. 4:  Being Part of a Racing Group is Informative!

Sir Francis Bacon proclaimed: “Knowledge is power”.  And, 220 years later, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Knolege is power, knolege is safety, and knolege is happiness.”  For these reasons, Mojo provides an endless supply of information and resources to help our Participants and Fans become the most informed people on the planet about horse racing.

For those who are new to the sport of Thoroughbred racing and/or racehorse ownership in general, there’s a lot to learn.  And, in this regard, educating our Participants is an important part of the Mojo Mission and a key element of the service we provide.

At Mojo Racing Partners, we want you to understand the way our racing groups work.   To this end, we post on our website our Concept, Mission, and the Terms & Conditions by which we operate.  We spell out upfront and in plain English what you can expect.  And, when appropriate, we’ll inject humor because, no matter how relevant the information is, we know this kind of "stuff" (the legalese) can be boring.

In addition to being clear about the prerequisites, we also want our Participants to gain knowledge of the processes and procedures that shape the industry, as well as explain basic “the lingo” and operations of horse racing.  Mojo Participants also learn the strategies behind selecting our horses, training them, entering races, handicapping the competition, and analyzing the results.

No. 5: Racing Groups Provide Extraordinary Opportunities!

Joining a racing group is fun and affordable.  It’s also easy to do and educational too.  And, when all of these aspects are combined, notions of owning a Thoroughbred become possible.

Mojo Racing Partners is on a Mission to help passive observers get in the game.  That said, we don’t try to be everything to everyone—that’s not our objective.  We focus on being successful within our own operating limits and, with an open invitation to all, we welcome those who are interested in the services we provide.

There are a lot of people, like you, with similar interests about owning a racehorse and just don’t know how to get involved.  In this regard, Mojo exists to introduce people to the ownership side of the sport with the lowest possible risk.

So, are you ready to get your Mojo work'n?  Now is a fantastic time to take an active part in the sport of Thoroughbred racing!  Leashold partnerships offer lots of opportunities to have a fun-filled ownership experience that you might not otherwise be able to do on your own.  Mojo Racing Partners makes it easy to get involved, and we’re extending an open invitation to join the fun by clicking: Current Offering

We'll post the next reason to join a racing group tomorrow afternoon.  Stay tuned....

Mojo Background

Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (which conducts its horse racing operations as Mojo Racing Partners) is based in Fort Worth, TX and was formed in 2006.  Since then, Mojo has raced at Arlington Park, Churchill Downs, Indiana Downs, Keeneland, Kentucky Downs, Lone Star Park, Oaklawn Park, Remington Park, and Turfway Park.  Mojo’s on a mission to give people affordable and fun opportunities to participate in the exciting sport of Thoroughbred racing.

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